India is one of the fastest-growing economies with the new age- of technology speeding its growth. But a large chunk of our population is still lagging due to digital illiteracy,  especially people belonging to rural areas.

Pre-covid, there were quite a few merchants and consumers that did real-time digital transactions while the rest of them struggled to consider any form of payment other than cash.

The launch of AEPS by the Indian Post Payment bank has been a game-changer in this case. By serving convenience to customers, retailers and distributors are earning a handsome amount of money.

But, what’s this new payment mode that is driving rural India towards growth and becoming the future of paisa?

What is AEPS?

Aadhaar Enabled Payment System is one of the initiatives taken by the NPCI to empower the rural sector by promoting cashless transactions.

It is a form of payment service that allows residents of India holding an aadhaar card and having a bank account to effortlessly carry out digital transactions. 

This payment model simplifies the process of performing online transactions. In short, it is the domestic alternative to debit and credit cards.

To access AEPS service, one needs to link his bank account with the aadhaar number. This bank-led model allows people to access basic digital services anywhere and anytime through a micro ATM and aadhaar verification.

Features of AEPS

The below-mentioned features of AEPS are a glimpse of the necessary information, a user must know before doing any digital transaction. 

  • This payment source enables customers to complete digital transactions by entering only biometric information backed by aadhar verification.
  • The users of the AEPS service can avail the benefit of various government schemes that promote cashless India.
  • It supports all transactions between aadhaar-linked accounts.
  • The transactions don’t require your customers to enter any bank details or irrelevant information.
  • The user can link multiple accounts with the aadhaar card but only the primary account will be used to carry out transactions through AEPS.

Services offered by AEPS

Through the AEPS payment mode, the users can avail of the following services

AEPS Cash Withdrawal- These services enable customers to withdraw cash( with a one-time withdrawal limit of Rs 10,000 as per the RBI rules) without swiping any card or at risk of data leakage.

AEPS Balance Inquiry- The bank customers can check their available balance in their accounts through aadhaar verification.

Mini- Statement- It is a bank statement that carries the details of all transactions to date. It can also be given as print format on demand.

Aadhaar Pay- Users can transfer the funds or perform an aadhaar card money withdrawal by entering the aadhaar number and amount of transaction.

A Step by Step guide on how the AEPS system works

  1. Install the Netpaisa app
  2. Login as a Retailer to the panel
  3. Click on services and select AEPS
  4. Select your bank and fill in aadhar details
  5. Select the transaction type ( cash withdrawal, Aadhar Pay, etc. )
  6. Track your transaction history on the right sidebar.

Benefits of AEPS

Below are some of the benefits of Aadhaar enabled Payment System

  • The transactions are safe as your customers need not enter any unnecessary information other than biometric details.
  • It removes the hassle of carrying cards and entering the OTP details multiple times.
  • This system benefits the merchants and people from remote villages to perform digital transactions effortlessly.
  • It helps in the easy transfer of funds with minimal risk of payment failure.
  • AEPS system promotes the financial inclusion of untapped areas of the economy to participate in the digital transaction process.

How to become an AEPS Agent?

Netpaisa is bringing convenience and employment opportunities under one roof by enabling retailers and distributors to make this payment mode a source of their revenue.

By becoming an agent at Netpaisa, you can earn the best commission on aeps services by offering your customers the comfort of digital payment.

Requirements to become an agent

  • Aadhaar number
  • Fingerprint verification
  • Utility Bill
  • Fingerprint Verification

3 step guide to become an agent

Become an agent at Netpaisa and start your own retail business in 3 easy steps

  • Install the Netpaisa app through playstore.
  • Fill the registration form by entering the necessary details

Verify all the mentioned details to log in as an agent.

Which Platform is best for availing AEPS Service or becoming an agent

Backed by the trust of multiple users, Netpaisa is the most trustable and secure platform for becoming an AEPS service agent.

Apart from serving the Customers, we enable distributors and retailers to launch their own businesses.

Our AEPS software provides easily integrated solutions to all the customer’s and retailers’ problems. 

Apart from this, we have a user-friendly aeps portal with an app facility that makes it easier for distributors and agent to start their own business and earn great profits.


Despite the existence of various digital services, most of the rural sector still consider cash as the king. They don’t want to get into the mess of operating various forms of debit and credit cards or handle any paperwork. 

But our AEPS software has made it possible for all sectors of the economy to join the growth race.

You can also benefit from this growth by registering as a Retailer or distributor at Netpaisa.