India is changing in all aspects and business and growth opportunities are also coming up in smaller cities. With overall changes and movement of people across the country, there are enhanced investments made in all cities and not only in metros. As one witnesses a saturation in the economic growth and construction opportunities of the major cities of India, concurrently a number of tier II and III cities have been found to deliver a successful economic growth in the past decade. In order to extend a profitable business opportunity, Netpaisa offers an array of services for retailers in these areas of the country.

NetPaisa is a Cloud based SaaS Platform, available as a merchant B2B Software & mobile application solution. NetPaisa network services B2B and B2C space covering retail networks, mobile based organizations, and kiosk based organizations, both in rural and urban India. Many customers in the rural and semi urban areas are unable to use the self-service business model due to a variety of factors. Also many rural developmental programs have not yielded expected success by union and state governments in the country. By becoming a NetPaisa distributor or retailer a retail shop owner can expand his business and offer all the services which his customers were not getting. A distributor can enrol retailers under them which could be individuals having their retail shops. By this model a distributor can exponentially increase his income by networking. The range of services are wide and one can expect additional revenue and respect in his community by providing his customers the services they require.

The list of Product / Service provided by the company are:

  • AEPS – AEPS – Aadhar Enabled Payment System
  • Domestic Money Transfer
  • POS Device
  • Micro ATM
  • Recharge & Bill payment – Multi recharge for Mobile and DTH and Bharat Bill payment
  • Loan Facility
  • API/Software: We are offering all services API under one umbrella.
  • Recharge API, Money Transfer API, AEPS API, Bill Payment API, Flight API, Hotel API

So with its range of services a whether it is a distributor or a retailer, NetPaisa marketplace provides promising opportunity to expand and diversify to ambitious business people.