Net paisa provides a platform by which customer is able to make online hotel booking. We have wide range of hotels available with us. Simply by providing in the information like location to be visited, total night stay, Rooms needed and check in and checkout details you can visit list of hotels available. There is wide range of facilities available to customers .Visitors can go through rates and inventories available and book easily. Payment can be made through the wallet, or through Net Banking, Credit/Debit cards.

Why choose Net paisa for booking?

 We provide booking engine which is easy to access and navigate.

 You can access from your phone/desktop/Tablets. Booking process remains same throughout.

 It’s has simple design and clearly displays rates, discounts and promo offer going on that particular time.

 Clear images of Hotel Properties which makes it easy for customer to choose.

 Exciting offers and deals for the customers.

 Flexibility to choose what hotel operations need to be displayed and which needs to be hidden.

 Timely support is available in case of any refunds or any discrepancy.

API Solution

Hotel booking can be very tedious and time consuming. Different accommodations with different pricing, quality and different conditions could be difficult to manage through. What operations needs to hidden and what needs to displayed is another aspect. Keeping all aspects in mind, we have designed API which displays all the information to the customers in real Time.

Why our API?

Our API can be easily integrated in the website, providing wide range of services to customers as well businesses. Now what can you expect from our Hotel API

 Hotel API provides real time integration providing real time pricing

 Simple and easy to use.

 Wide range of hotels can be accessed through the inventory.

 Quick booking is possible saving time.

 Easy Implementation