AEPS is online payment solution.It ia simple and secure system whick allows people to carry on transactions at point of sale or small scale ATM's just by providing their Aadhar number and finger print scan for verification .

Funds can be transferred from one bank to another just by providing your Aadhar detail and figer print scan.Bank account details are not required for the same.Funds can be transferred from one account to another in any bank.

Ways you need to know in which AEPS can be beneficial

1)Cash Withrawal.
2)Cash Deposit.
3)Fund Transfer.
4)Balance Enquiry.
5)no debit/credit card info is required.

6) Cashless Transactions.
7)Safest and Securest as finger print scan is required for verifiaction.

8)PoS machines can be taken anywhere to perform trasactions.Remote areas have truly benifited from it.People can easily send and recieve money without need of going anywhere.