In our day-to-day busy schedule, we often do not get the time to go to some retailer’sshop and recharge our devices. As a result, the validity expires and we go out of balance.In this case, the recharge API becomes handy. NetPaisa is such an app which helps you recharge anything and everything, by offering recharge service for different telecom operators.

NetPaisa has brought to you the Recharge API for the ease of recharging your devices. This method of recharging is very much good-to-go and much faster than the usual way as there is no delay in process which the older procedure had. You can now perform your DTH recharges, data card recharges or your pre-paid and post-paid mobile recharges, within India, by using the NetPaisa app.

So what are you waiting for? Download the NetPaisa app today and enjoy unlimited entertainment without the worry of your data packs or balance getting over.


The first thing which comes to the mind when we hear the phrase ‘money transfer’ is going to the bank. It usually takes a whole day or two, or even more than that, to perform a transaction through the bank. Net Paisa has brought to you the option of transferring money within India, from one bank account to the other by the option called Money transfer API.

Why should you opt for Net Paisa, Money Transfer API?

The traditional method of transferring money would include going to the bank with a whole bundle of money, standing in the queue for a long time and filling up of too many cumbersome forms and lastly, wait for the transaction, which would require days in order to take place. With the help of Net Paisa, there is no need for you to visit the bank as you can now transfer money from anywhere and everywhere.

  • It is fast and secured.
  • Does not require any kind of documents.
  • Can be performed within inter as well as intra bank accounts

So download the Net Paisa app now and enjoy a hassle-free and smart way of money transfer.


AEPS stands for ‘Aadhar Enabled Payment System’ which is a system that enables an aadhar card holder to perform basic bank related functions, such as cash withdrawal, cash deposit, balance enquiry, funds transfer or payment transactions, from his/her aadhar enabled bank account. Net Paisa provides you with AEPS API so that you can easily withdraw cash or deposit money to and from your bank account, respectively, without having to go to the bank or ATM. You can complete your bank functions by just entering your aadhar card number, with which your bank account is linked to, and your fingerprint. These functions can be implemented from anywhere and everywhere.

Benefits of AEPS API

  • It is easy to use and secured.
  • Does not require much time.
  • Can be used at any time of the day, even on bank holidays.
  • Does not require any kind of debit cards, but only the aadhar number and finger/thumb impression.

Hence, do not wait any longer and download the Net Paisa app now and get all the bank works done in a short span of time, without much hassle.

3. Flight API

We at Net Paisa take expertise in dispensing the facility of Flight API solutions in India of trusted brands. By utilizing our flight API, you can very easily facilitate flight bookings through your travel website or app for your customers.
So, if you are considering building a travel website for dispensing air ticket booking services, then you can rely on us for best and most trusted Flight API solutions. We are a top-notch suppliers of Flight API solutions and we take expertise in extending resourceful inventory to the respective website to foster hassle free flight bookings.

Features of our Hotel API

  • Fully flexible API solutions, can be tailored to meet specific needs
  • Domestic as well as international flight search
  • Smooth implementation
  • Integration support
  • Flight booking in real-time
  • Cancellation and reissuance of ticket in real time
  • User Friendly Panel for reports as well as filtrations.

4. Hotel API

We at Net Paisa take expertise in extending the facility of Hotel API solutions to our clients as most reasonable of costs. By utilizing our API for hotel, retailers and service agents can very easily implement the facility of online hotel booking into their travel website. Moreover, we provide technologies, that can help you to customize your hotel booking offerings as per the unique requirements of your clients. The Hotel API’s that we present are designed and integrated by our team of highly skilled and passionate developers and project managers. So, whether you are looking to dispense hotel booking service or establish your business as travel portal, we can help you achieve your business objective through our highly advanced API’s for hotel.

Features of our Hotel API

  • Easy to set up and flexible integration of flight search
  • Domestic as well as international flight search
  • Utilizing our API, you can do real-time integrations
  • Easy to integrate and comes with integration support