Domestic Money Transfer(DMT)

While technology has blessed rural India with several digital facilities, there is still around 20% of the rural population who live beyond the cashless economy. Either they don't own a bank account or the Jan Dhan Account program has failed to cover every corner of the rural sector. To bridge this gap, the concept of DMT comes as a savior that serves the comfort of fund transfer at every door.


Available 24 x 7

Fast & covinent transfer round the clock.

Send money instantly

Get quick update of the transaction.

Safe and secure transaction

Quick & easy transfer of amount.

Instant confirmation to sender via SMS

Transfer money without the hassel standing i long queues.

Fund transfer on bank holidays

Money transfer made convinent & secure.

Inter Bank Transfer

Transfer fund from remitter account to beneficiary account in any other banks

Benefits To Customers

  • Easy to use
  • Flexible system
  • Approved Payment System
  • No risk of carrying cash
  • Safe and secure payment method
  • No more standing in line for sending money.
  • Even without a bank account, you can get the amount transferred.