Money Transfer

The Money Transfer Solution that NetPaisa provides can enable you to transfer money instantly to any bank account in India. With our state-of-the-art technology, retailers can transfer money immediately for their customers through a secure channel to all the banks.

Our smart and sophisticated money transfer interface can facilitate hundreds of payments within a second giving retailers the opportunity to grow their business significantly.

Our Money Transfer retailer ship can be availed at affordable cost. So, if you are looking forward to best money service provider for money transfer, then you can definitely rely on us.

Here’s some of the most exciting features/benefits of our Money Transfer Service

• You can send money to any bank account in India
• Any customer with a mobile number only can use our money transfer service
• Money transfer cost cheaper than majority of the service providers in the market
• Seamless and Hassle-Free Money Transfer Service to Increase Business
• Higher Margin and Profit Percentage
• Easy to apply and Enrolment Process of Money Transfer
• Highly secure money transfer service
• 24/7 customer support