We enable our customers to buy and sell gold online anytime from anywhere just with one click from their mobile phones.

Gold has been prime source of investment from quite long.

Digital Gold platform has enabled clients to sell and buy the gold safely and securely by electronic means.

Digital Gold is digital/electronic money equivalent to mass unit of gold which transferred/exchanged for gold.

What you need to do avail our services?

• You simply need to register with our portal.

• After logging in with our credentials you are liable to avail our services.

Why Net Paisa?

• You can buy and sell gold securely and efficiently using our portal.

• It is quite easy to buy and sell gold.

You are just required to enter your mobile number and enter the amount in case you are buying/selling in rupees and are required to enter your mobile number and enter the weight of gold in case you are buying/selling in grams.

Our Portal provides most user-friendly features for the users.
Just with one click you can buy and sell gold.

When you request for sell/buy money is deducted from the wallet.

You can also view the balance left in the account and add money in your wallet.

• You can even trade(buy/sell/receive gold) with just Rupee1.

• We ensure in providing quality gold by only providing 24k gold to our customers.

We do not endorse in anything less than that.

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