The first thing which comes to the mind when we hear the phrase ‘money transfer’ is going to the bank. It usually takes a whole day or two, or even more than that, to perform a transaction through the bank. Net Paisa has brought to you the option of transferring money within India, from one bank account to the other by the option called Money transfer API.

Why should you opt for Net Paisa, Money Transfer API?

The traditional method of transferring money would include going to the bank with a whole bundle of money, standing in the queue for a long time and filling up of too many cumbersome forms and lastly, wait for the transaction, which would require days in order to take place. With the help of Net Paisa, there is no need for you to visit the bank as you can now transfer money from anywhere and everywhere.

  • It is fast and secured.
  • Does not require any kind of documents.
  • Can be performed within inter as well as intra bank accounts

So download the Net Paisa app now and enjoy a hassle-free and smart way of money transfer.